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Serving the Urban Communities


     So, you've been called to serve God in the urban communities. As you walk through the streets of your calling I'm sure that you have noticed those who are merely existing. On the other hand-- there are those who you believe that you can reach and help without much effort. Yet, there are others that seem just too needy. That's why God has called you to serve the people of the urban areas. Those who experience hunger, poverty, homelessness, mental illness, abusive situations, lack of education, and unemployment are some of the people we will serve. 


     By now I'm sure that you are aware that the task God has called you to do is a near impossible task. No, it's impossible to do without God's help! Along the way, God will be there to guide and protect you. He will aid and send others to assist. However, many times you will feel as though you are all alone.

     I think now would be a good time to let you know why I chose this graphic for this website. I've been asked, "Why didn't you choose a religious background?" Wouldn't a graphic like a church or cross be more appropriate for this website?" My answer, "I've chosen to show something that reminds me of the environment of my ministry. My ministry has called me to serve in the streets and not just in the church." Sometimes the streets are naturally and spiritually dark. There will be those who come along to help fulfill the ministry. But, oft times there will be others who come to destroy the good and Godly work that will be done in the communities.

    To those of you who are "Called to Serve" in the streets of the disadvantaged mankind we must remember that no matter how hard the task...we must share God's love with all. While we help we must continue to grow spiritually so that we will be refreshed with the word of God. This website will offer reading materials, sermons, videos, and a forum for those who are "Called to Serve". Come back often and let us know what God is doing in your ministry.

                                                                    Elder W. Street

       "The poor you shall always have with you. But they need not live in the streets."

(Quote: Dr. E. V. Hill, former Pastor of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, CA)




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                                          Called to Serve is a Ministry of Maryland Women of Worship




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